What is a planning meeting?
It is important that our portrait studio is a perfect match for your aesthetic style and personality. By meeting we are better able to tailor your session to your wishes, and exceed your expectations. At this appointment you’ll learn what services we offer.

How should I prepare for my session?
It’s important to schedule the session around your children’s best time of day, being realistic about naptimes and eating schedules. It’s also best not bribe your children, because that will shorten their attention span with the photographer. They will keep asking for the session to end so they can get their treat! Let your children know that they are going to an exciting new place to hang out with some really fun people. We celebrate their true personalities by playing together and having a great time.

What is the best age to photograph my child?
Every age is perfect and has its own particular beauty. If you are a new parent, the ideal milestones to capture are maternity, within 10 days of birth, seven months, and one year.

What if my child is sick? Can I reschedule?
Yes. A sick child won't bring their "happy". We want this experience to be a blast for them, because it shows in the images. Ultimately it's your call: A runny nose generally isn't going to get them down, but a fever more likely will. You are granted a one time reschedule without forfeiting your session fee.

What if my child misbehaves?
We don't expect children to be in the mood for a photo session as soon as they arrive. Kids often need time to warm up to new environments and people, so that's what we'll do. We'll get to know them a little bit, and we won't rush through it. Soon they'll be joking around, giggling, laughing and playing. It's very rare that we have to reschedule a photo session due to a child's behavior, but if we need to reschedule for another day, that's ok with us.

What about bumps, bruises and mosquito bites?
To us, braces, band-aids and minor bumps or bruises are true badges of childhood - a memorable part of growing up that's worthy of capture. But if you prefer, we'll gladly retouch minor blemishes without extra charges. If you're still concerned, snap a quick photo and email it to us - we'll let you know if it warrants rescheduling. 

What kind of props do you use?
We have a variety of props available in our studio to add to your portrait session. We use a variety of materials, textures, fabrics, furniture, and antique objects. We prefer to focus on capturing the authenticity of our subjects.

How far in advance should we book a session?
We are constantly booked, so its best to schedule your session at least two to three weeks in advance. We accept a limited number of sessions each month.

I would like to have a family portrait taken. Can you accommodate this?
We mainly specialize in infant and children’s portraits but we can accommodate small family groups too, up to five people.

How long will my photo session take?
Most session take between 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the mood of the child. Newborn sessions can take up to two hours. We will never rush during a session, so don't worry if your child needs more time to warm up. 

How do I choose clothes for the shoot?
Think color and texture! Clothing matters! Neutrals are best. Shades of oatmeal, heather grays, whites and/or blush tones are ideal. Layering and texture can make an outfit. We love linens, nubby sweaters, soft fabrics and accessories. Scarves, stylish headbands or a detailed blazer can make an outfit. You can always bring a variety of options and we'll help you narrow it down. We also provide styling services for children ages 6 months to 5 years. 

What if I don't like any of the photos?
This doesn't happen. Ever. But if Mercury is in retrograde, we'll gladly and graciously reshoot. We want you to LOVE and be overly EXCITED for your portraits. 

What if I like too many of the photos and have difficulty choosing?
This happens quite often and is a very good problem to have. Your session fee includes a sales meeting to view your images which a Portrait Advisor will help you select your favorites and decide how to best incorporate them into your home. Some images will be great for framed wall art, others may be great for gifts for family.

Will I receive digital files from my session?
Yes! All images that are purchased for print will include beautifully finished, shareable files. These files are discreetly watermarked to prevent image theft by third parties. The resolution of these images are perfect for social media use, but will not allow for printing. If you prefer files suitable for printing, they are always available for purchase.

How long will my art prints take to complete?
We are the only studio in the area that provides same day printing for portraits 8x10 and smaller. For wall art, it takes about three weeks to receive your custom artwork. 

What can I expect to spend in total on my photoshoot and prints?
We charge a "session fee" for the photography session which includes the time and costs of the photographer. Please note that session fees are non-refundable and do not include any products, prints or digital files. All of our products, including our prints, are priced a la carte to give our clients the freedom to order exactly what they want. Most of our clients plan to spend at $300 on their custom photography experience. Of course, we welcome clients with any budget. 

We're so excited, may we take photos during the session?
Generally speaking, we prefer that you refrain from any picture-taking during your session…. after all, we take the time and care to set everything up for that perfect expression and pose. However, that being said, we understand that social media is a big part of our lives and if an opportunity were to arise where you were able to capture a fun behind-the-scenes shot, we are all for that. And if you do, we’d LOVE it if you tagged us in the post!

What if I need to lose 10 pounds?
We get it! You want to look your very best. Trust us that we will make sure you look great. And honestly… if you follow our clothing suggestions and wear solid colors with long sleeves, we can make sure we see what we want to see and hide what we don’t. We truly want you to look your best, or you’re not going to want the portraits! And it’s our job to make you look great.